Beatrix River North review

Whenever I think of eating at Beatrix River North Restaurant, I literally swoon. The interior feels like a cozy, modern living room. I love the variety of cozy seating options, the plant life, the cafe vibe with a killer menu.

The cafe/pastry counter is a feast for the eyes while you wait (or on a stop-in for a lightly sweetened matcha latte and a lemon angel food cake light-as-air muffin). The brunch menu is my absolute favorite, with dishes like the “wonderful egg-white omelette” and the bread pudding as my top choices, though the quinoa cakes, cauliflower grits and chilaquiles are equally as orderable. Sample one of the tasty breakfast beverages – with or without alcohol – they make a mean mimosa, and the house-made cucumber/mint soda is the definition of refreshment.

I’ve just recently tried Beatrix River North for lunch, and LOVED the Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts. My friend and I each ordered the “Enlightened Caesar Salad” which was tasty (don’t be afraid of the yogurt-based dressing), with parmesan chunks aplenty and perfectly cooked and seasoned Salmon on top. My only complaint was the plain and wimpy romaine/iceberg lettuce on this salad, when it feels like kale or some other heartier greens might be a better choice. Overall I wasn’t as impressed with the lunch menu as I was the brunch menu, but that wouldn’t stop me from coming back to try more of it.

Beatrix River North service

In Beatrix you will find Lunch menu is not very exiting nor extraordinary, but it’s very healthy and good for people who wants to eat healthy and be satisfied. You can add chicken or salmon for your salad (forgot the price) even if it didn’t say on the menu. Even though you don’t add any proteins, you’ll love the salad! I love their dressing and fruits for some sweet kicks. I love the fresh squeezed juice too. I wanna try them all!!

Venue is very clean. I love the atmosphere, decor, and music. Service is very nice and stuff is friendly at most time. Only problem I had was that wifi didn’t work for my PC. It worked for my phone, so it’s probably some settings between the connections of my PC and wifi router.

Beatrix River North options

What a great space!  People are lucky enough to stay in the Aloft Hotel and have to say it was fabulous to have this little gem in the lobby. It’s quite popular and you definitely want to make reservations for brunch on the weekend.  Aside from the coffee bar (which we visited) and the delicious pastry counter (which we visited) you will find a small and well balanced menu containing something for everyone.

We dined at brunch time and even though it was busy, really busy, once seated our experience was leisurely and very pleasant. The tables are spaced nicely and we got a window seat with super comfortable chairs.

I chose the enchiladas and my friend had the cauliflower grits and eggs.  Hers was the more healthy choice but I have to say mine was really tasty.  There was a small hiccup in that mine was cold when it was brought out. At first I thought it was just the sauce but a bite into the enchiladas and I discovered they were cold as well. As to be expected at any decent dining establishment they took care of it right away. The manager brought the popping hot replacement back and informed me they had removed it from the bill. Classy.

I would come back here in a heart beat, and more than likely will since I love the Aloft and it will be my choice when visiting Chicago again!