Blooming Beets Paleo Restaurant Review

Blooming Beets Paleo Restaurant


Blooming Beets Paleo Restaurant is a great paleo restaurant! Though some dishes do have cheese, you can always ask for none if you are strictly paleo.

Everything was delicious here — making healthy food super tasty is hard to do, but blooming beets did it! You leave here feeling satisfied but not guilty that you broke your diet.Service was great. I would highly recommend this place if you are in Boulder

Blooming Beets Paleo Restaurant website states that its dream is to provide the cleanest food on the planet. Unfortunately, this is a dream that has not yet been achieved. For one, clean food does not usually come with a sticker affixed to salad greens. This was the case with the greens that accompanied my Smoked Salmon Benedict, suggesting that they had not been thoroughly washed.

The restaurant also prides itself on serving said clean food in a friendly setting. That friendly setting should recognize that a mistake has been made, and provide some kind of discount or compensation, none of which occurred. The restaurant prices are already high, so why not provide paying customers with an optimal dining experience and, if that doesn’t occur, recognize the mistake through better service?
Additionally, clean food tends to help a person feel good and healthy, not ill with severe stomach pains for several days, which is what happened to me after I ate here. While my first experience dining here was pleasant, the second time around was awful. I will not be eating here again.


Blooming Beets Paleo Restaurant options

In other side you feel like people either hate or love this restaurant. In an era where more and more people seem to have dietary restrictions, Blooming Beets Kitchen offers options. If you are on a restrictive diet, you can chose from a gluten-free, paleo, AIP, or a vegetarian menu. Having these options available takes the stress away from accommodating a friend or family member  who may not want to go out to eat due to these restrictions.

The price tag is a tad bit off putting. You are paying for simple and quality ingredients. I ordered the veggie platter–brussel sprouts, baked sweet potatoes, and beet bisque. I was unimpressed by the lack of complexity encompassing some of the dishes. I felt that the majority of the dishes were something that could easily be created at home. The service was mediocre. That being said, there are so many great restaurants in Boulder, and this would not be my go-to choice given the price, ambiance, and offerings.  I would only come back here if in case I had a friend or family member who had a restrictive diet.

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