Burma superstar san francisco review

burma superstar san francisco review

I was completely underwhelmed with the food here.

We started came early to Burma superstar san francisco to avoid the atrocious waits we had read about. So that wasn’t so bad. We got seated straight away. Great! So far, so good. But the tables are 9 inches or so from each other. When you stand up to try to visit the loo or exit, you can literally stick your arse in someone’s food. Not cool.

We started off with the tea leaf salad every one raves about. It was quite good. I’ll give them that. Then we had the vegetarian samusas, they weren’t extraordinary, but the dipping sauce was nice.

The real problem was our entree. We ordered sesame chicken. It was awful. It was over cooked and tasted like something you would get in a strip mall Chinese food restaurant. Honestly, it was just not what I had hoped for at all. In fact, the sauce was a near duplicate to one my husband’s uncle used to make at their Chinese restaurant. It was tangy and citrusy. They offered to replace the exact same dish, but I didn’t come here looking for Chinese food!

Burma superstar san francisco service

The line is always long and for good reason! Fortunately they take your number and will text you when your table is about ready but don’t head far because they only give you roughly 5 minutes to get back. Our wait took about 45 minutes.

Burma superstar san francisco Foods:

Tea Leaf Salad (4/5): Probably the most famous dish here. They serve it table-side and mix it for you. The salad is definitely a unique flavor profile that I haven’t experienced before. Light, slightly tart and nutty, the salad and the fermented tea leaves mix well together but I can definitely see how it’d be an acquired taste.

Platha and dip (4.5/5): Oh man, the platha is nice and chewy with just the right density, pull and thickness. The curry dip is also fantastic; savory and slightly sweet, this is probably more similar to what most people think of when they see curry.

MangoPork Curry (4.5/5): The pork is super tender and in general the dish was much lighter than I expected. Instead of being a creamy curry, this was much more broth-like. While it was different, I enjoyed the lightness of the dish because I didn’t feel really weighed down afterwards.

Burma superstar san francisco service

Every one was super nice but service was a bit inattentive at times both for our table and tables around us. Not the biggest deal though and completely understandable given how busy they seemed to be.

In the end, some pretty great food. I was kind of expecting new flavors in every dish I tried but I suppose it made sense that it just felt like a culmination of different flavors I’ve had before since Burmese cuisine takes cues from Indian, Thai, Chinese, etc cuisines. I’ll be back if I’m ever around the area!