Cut or Diet ? Shoo Diabetes Away and Using Paleo Diet for Diabetes.

Paleo diet for diabetes has catches public’s attention. By focusing on human natural eating composition, this diet has been claimed to maintain a healthy lifestyle which avoid unnecessary food which may lead to some severe disease, including diabetes. Even, it became one of the most popular diet during 2013.

The key of Paleo Diet is a healthy eating lifestyle of ‘natural’ food. Natural here means unprocessed food, unlike today’s food which is added with many spices and processed in various way. Sounds hard and plain? Nope—you better continue reading! Great result comes with a bit hardwork, though.

What to Eat diabetes?

There are many variation of it, but basically we have to emphasize on kind of grass-produces meat, fish/ seafood, eggs, nuts and seeds, fresh fruit, vegetables, and the source of healthful oils such as olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, and coconut.  Things you must avoid are cereal grains, legumes (including peanuts), dairy, refined sugar, potatoes, processed foods, salt, and refined vegetable oil.

This diet requires a source of protein in order to answer the body needs’ for immunity, bones, and muscles—not to mention that it is also delicious, satisfying meal, and can be cooked in various way. Fruit and vegetables  gives you minerals, vitamin, and antioxidants. They are naturally have taste, either it is sour or sweet, to overcome your need of salt and sugar. Then, why do we need healthy fats? The richness of monounsaturated and omega-3 fats are beneficial to reduce some scary disease like diabetes. It is needed to be underline that besides healthful oils, the best fat comes from grass-feed or wild meat, not those who eats grains.

Can The Paleo Diet Program Really Help Me?

Diabetes is scary nightmare for today’s people. How will this diet help you to stay away from it or deal with it? Ultimately, paleo diet helps you in keeping stable blood sugar. Some studies has shown the benefits of this diet. It leads to a better improvements in waist circumference and glycemic control, compared to a mediteranian diet. It also leads to mild reduction of systolic blood pressure.  Not only the weight loss, but importantly it decreases the insulin AUC by almost 40% and diastolic blood pressure by for about 3.4 mmHG. The triglycerides went down by 35% along with the total cholesterol by 16%.

This diet has been through researchers for quite a long time and has been proven by many of the followers. Yet, there will always be those who are uncertain about it. No matter what is it, it is worth to try Paleo diet for diabetes.


Reversing Diabetes Will Never be Failed by Doing These!

How to reverse diabetes and cure diabetes naturally?” this question automatically pops out in your mind when you see right before your eyes how scary is this disease. By todays’ lifestyle, the percentage of people with diabetes is increasing rapidly. Is there any natural way to avoid diabetes? Yes—there are some ways that you can do in your daily by using paleo diet for diabetes program as lifestyle for the sake of healthier way.

There are two kinds of diabetes: type I and II. Diabetes type I comes from genetically disease which is passed by generation. This heredity disease creates an autoimmune disease that attacks the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. The type II of diabetes, which is more likely to attack people, is caused high blood sugar by and mostly caused by unhealthy lifestyle.


paleo diet for diabetes – Keep This List in Your Grocery Shopping

Nothing go wrong with most fresh vegetable and fruit, not only that it is full of fiber and vitamins but it also provides natural taste such as sweet and sour. Trying to name, some of them are most veggies, nuts, berries, seeds, and avocados which can give enough fiber for a daily consumption. These fibers will slow down the glucose absorption.

The next are the source of protein that is obtained from fish and beef. However, these two must be fed by natural food. For fish, it is better to catch wild fish that eat ‘naturally’ from their habitat. This kind of fish is rich of omega 3 fats. Is helps in to reverse the effect of high blood glucose and omega 3 can reduce inflammation. In addition to that, the protein from meat must be minimalized from grain-fed animals. The grass-fed animal is high in chromium which can improve GTF glucose tolerance and balance the glucose level.


Stay Away from These Kinds of Food!

Diabetes and refined sugar are the all-time enemy. Please stay away from refined sugar in most of snacks and beverages since it can instantly raise your blood sugar. Even, the natural honey still can cause an effect in blood sugar, and stevia is the best option for the natural sweetener.

Besides that, most dairy product is not giving a good effect. For diabetes type 1, cow milk is a big no because the casein from the milk will cause the immune response. If you think to switch into a soy milk, make sure the product is not included in genetically modified organism (GMO). Together with GMO corn and canola, they can lead to kidney and liver disease which are closely related to diabetes. Not only watch what you are eating, but the way how to stay on paleo diet for diabetes program is also—and will always—related to regular exercise.