Explore the Paleo Diet History and concept behind this amazing diet



You must have heard a lot about paleo diet and its benefits, but are you aware of Paleo diet history? How it became popular? What the concept behind paleo diet is? And what the terminology stands for? Well, in this article we will explore the paleo diet history in detail along with its concept and what the terminology stands for.

Paleo diet concept:

Before we look at the paleo diet history, let’s understand the concept of paleo diet as it is itself derived from human history. The basic concept of paleo diet is to go back to that diet which our ancestors used to eat. The proponents of paleo diet say that human beings have not been able to adapt properly to the modern day life like dairy, grains crops and especially the processed foods. The idea is to go back to the diet which our ancestors about 2.5 million years ago used to eat. This was based on hunting, fishing and gathering. So the idea behind paleo diet is that one should consume that natural diet which our ancestors used to consume and avoid the modern food products.

Paleo diet History:

Paleo diet is the short form of Paleolithic diet. The idea of paleo diet was virtually invisible to the masses few years ago. And it’s been only few years since it has become popular. In order to understand the history of paleo diet one must appreciate ‘Joseph Knowles’. Although he was not the person to come up with the term paleo diet or paleolithic diet but he gave the idea of alternative and healthy diet program. In 1913 Joseph went to spend some time in wilderness in order to conduct the experiment of living like our ancestors, i.e. on the hunter gatherer diet.

Much later in the year 1970 Walter Voegtlin coined the term paleo diet in his book “The Stone Age Diet”. Walter was a gastroenterologist. In his book he argued that the human beings are naturally carnivorous and in order to have perfect health and in order to stay fit and strong we must have the diet which our ancestors from Paleolithic era used to have. This idea was later on developed by Melvin Konner and Stanley Boyd Eaton.And thanks to Loren Cordain who published his book in 2002 Paleo diet is popular today.

paleo diet history

  • Paleo diet terminology:

In 2002 Loren Cordain’s book by the name of “The Paleo Diet” popularized the idea of paleo diet. The terms stone age diet and caveman diet were also used and so is paleo diet, trademarked by Loren Cordain.

  • Popularity of Paleo diet history

Paleo diet became one of most popular trends in diet in the year 2012 all thanks to different books that were based on the idea. In 2013 Paleo diet was the most searched weight loss method on Google.

Paleo diet is one of few popular diets in the recent times. The diet draws appeal to the nature and draws a narrative of conspiracy theories about how the nutritional research, that does not support paleo diet, is managed and controlled by the malign food industry.

Hopefully, now you would have a better understanding of paleo diet history and the concept behind this amazing diet derived from our ancestors.

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