Foods That Actually Helping to Control Blood Sugar Levels


Thinking about how to control your blood sugar levels may lead you to a suck and boring food, as well as a long to-do-list which is not tempting at all. Then you start to think that being healthy is no fun, isn’t it! Wait a moment —since what you think of is not completely true. There is a list of various food surprisingly turn the way back to help you to deal with blood sugar level.

What Will You Do When Your Blood Sugar Levels Is High?

Eating chocolate for people with diabetes may never be imagined before. However, study shows it is okay to eat those with more than 70% or higher cacao content such as dark or semisweet chocolate chips or chunks. With minimal additional sweetener and stuffs, “natural” chocolate is okay. The fact shows that high ratio of cacao is beneficial to fight the possibility of heart disease. In fact, the people with diabetes are likely to get heart disease four times than average people.

Eating nuts and seeds family—such  are almond, natural peanut, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, walnut, pistachios as well as dry-roasted cashews, peanuts, and sunflower seed—are the next choice. Rather than a low-fat diet which is only followed by 2% blood sugar droop, eating eating plan with extra nuts and seeds which are accompanied by healthy oils can decrease the blood sugar until 14%

Peanut butter with a whole grain toast—sounds like a perfect breakfast. There are some choices of natural peanut butter with little or no added sugar which you can add in your shopping list. Combined with a whole grain toast, which will cost about 280 calories, it can give a plate of satisfying food. Yet, still, do not forget to check the ratio of carbs!

Blood Sugar Levels

What Do These Blood Sugar Levels Mean?

In addition to that, there are there kinds of fat which are allowed to be consumed. These good fats which are given with the right portion. First to mention is the oils such as canola, olive, flaxseed, sesame, walnut, and sunflower oil. These oils that are richly used in Mediterranean diet is proved to help you reduce the blood sugar by 30 points. It is also lower the insulin resistance, besides the richness of vitamin E.

Besides, you still can enjoy the taste of the sea by eating shrimp and fish. A fresh shrimp if low in saturated fat and high in protein which can stabilize the blood sugar. Average size portion of shrimp can get along with one tablespoon of cocktail sauce as an alternative in ways how to control your blood sugar levels.