Gary Barlow weight loss Program and How he back after 2 Weeks

Gary Barlow

I was very fat’ Gary Barlow weight loss program opens up about weight gain fears

Take That frontman and heartthrob Gary Barlow has opened up about his ‘greatest fear’, admitting that he’s scared of being ‘very fat’.

Despite being one of the most desired men in the country, it’s no secret that Gary has struggled with his weight since his rise to fame in 1990, as the lead singer of infamous boy band Take That.

 Over the past few months, he has been keeping his fans up-to-date with his fitness regime. And on Saturday, Gary Barlow sent social media into a frenzy after sharing a picture of himself looking perfectly chiselled. The Take That star, who is trying out a healthy juice fast, captioned the Instagram snap: “Day 5 #juicing ! Feeling full of energy today !!!! Ready for tour now !!!!! #wonderlandlive

Fans rushed to compliment the 46-year-old’s toned appearance, with one commenting: “You look the best you ever have!” Another follower remarked: “Gorgeous and fit as a fiddle.” A third post read: “Can’t wait to see you in wonderland u r looking amazing but I have always thought that.” One fan added: “You are my inspiration to kickstart my diet. May have to do slimming world though not sure I could cope just on juice

Although he’s in the best shape of his life now, Gary has revealed his weight still keeps him up at night after admitting being ‘fat’ again is his ‘greatest fear’.

In recent years, Gary has undergone a dramatic transformation. In 1999 he weighed 17 stone – and made the decision to turn his life around. “I’ve made big changes,” he previously told The Mirror. “I take exercise more seriously now and I’m big on well-being. I eat well, do an acupuncture session a week and I try to sleep well and do things to aid good sleep.” He added: “I don’t eat sugar, I don’t eat fried foods and I stay away from McDonalds and chips, and things like that. For years, I did every diet going – Atkins, the works – and I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t sustain the weight loss.”

Speaking in a recent interview with BBC Good Food magazine, the 46-year-old star explained that a dark time in his life pushed him to become overweight.

‘My greatest fear is going back to where I was in 2002, when I didn’t have a record deal and I was very fat.

‘I don’t want to use the F-word but I am going to have to, because I was. So Dawn and I are pretty strict with our own eating.’

Originally cruelly labelled as ‘the fat one’ of the band, Gary Barlow weight loss program was not easy and he said tried every diet out there and constantly battled fluctuating weight, struggling to maintain a healthy balance.

But keen Twitter followers of Gary’s will notice that he’s been showing a huge enthusiasm for keeping fit and healthy recently, which has led to an incredible overall weight loss of five stone since he began his slimming journey. It’s even given him a boost of confidence to do a shirtless scene for his new show Let It Shine.

Left: Gary pictured in November 2005 promoting a reunion tour. Right: March 2017 at a film premiere.

Knowing he was going to be topless on TV, Gary forced himself to reassess his life, telling The Sun: ‘I’m gonna get in shape for this. I wanted to get semi-decent. I didn’t want the moobs flopping away there’.

But how did he do it? We look at Gary’s methods and must-dos to see how he achieved his weight loss and healthy attitude – and to see whether we can replicate it ourselves!