How the Paleo Recipe Book Changed My Life

The Paleo Recipe Book is a new products cookbook and Paleo plan offering that has been giving a lot of commend in current months,and this is my story with paleo recipe book.

I had my first child at the age of 24. I was then working at an engineering firm as a designer. Because of our busy schedule, my husband and I usually ate fast food or bought takeout food for dinner and had leftovers or cereals for breakfast.

I know, this isn’t healthy at all because over time we noticed we were both gaining weight and even getting sick more often. When we had our third child I decided to quit my job and stayed home to take care of the kids.

Being a full time mom, I knew I had all the time to prepare healthy food for the whole family.

But honestly, it wasn’t easy. Juggling chores, errands, and taking care of the kids was exhausting and at times exasperating. I didn’t even have the luxury of preparing a hearty meal for my husband when he came home which made me even more frustrated.

Despite everything that’s going on, I really wanted to make sure that my family, especially the kids, are eating healthy so I searched for simple recipes on the internet and found this Paleo Recipe Book.

I wasn’t really a fan of the Paleo way of eating but because I was looking for something that’s healthy and easy to prepare, I purchased it.

paleo recipe book

The Paleo Recipe Book Changed Our Way of Eating

My kids are picky eaters and would prefer eating fast food than one of my vegetable recipes. I tried cooking a recipe from the Paleo Recipe Book that I thought my children would like and was amazed that I got them to eat vegetables.

They didn’t want to try it at first when they saw the veggies but the dish looked so good that they ended up finishing it.

I was so happy that I used the cookbook every time I prepared meals for my family whether it was for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And because it features over 370 recipes, we never cooked a single recipe more than once in months so my family never gets bored of what I am serving them until now.

Having kids made me gain a ton of weight which, fortunately, I lost in less than a year. My husband also noticed that he was losing weight as well.

Thanks to the Paleo Recipe Book I was able to monitor our food intake because it does not only feature superb recipes but includes the fat, carb, and protein breakdown in every recipe as well.

No matter how busy I was, cooking a sumptuous meal for the whole family was a breeze because of the easy to prepare recipes from the book. And because it came with an 8-week meal plan, I saved time on creating my own meal plan and had more time shopping for the ingredients instead.

How Much the Paleo Recipe Book Costs

This book is worth every penny. For the price of $45 you do not only get unique and mouth-watering healthy recipes but you also get an incredible 8-week meal plan, recipes on Paleo desserts and simple Paleo meals, and a lot more.

This book has definitely changed my life. It made me a better mom and wife by serving healthy and delicious meals to my family. And because the recipes are quick and easy to prepare, I have more time to spend with husband and kids.

If you know how important it is to eat healthy, it’s never too late to start. Grab a copy of the Paleo Recipe Book and you’ll be amazed with what it can do for you and your whole family.

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