How to Stay in Shape at Home


Do you know really fit people actually tend not to go to gym but to maintain a few things to stay in shape. Fit people do not have anything like good genes. If you want to stay fit, at first set your mind to maintain some rules.

Here are 7 things really you have to do to stay in shape:

Eat healthy foods to stay in shape:

To be fit you have not to give up eating for days. Try to select healthy foods and make it an important part of your lifestyle.

The foods you should eat to stay in shape:

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Unprocessed foods
  • Protein containing foods

The foods you should not eat to stay in shape:

  • Sugar containing foods
  • Soft drinks and fast foods
  • Animal foods like chicken, beef, cheese etc
  • Too much calorie containing foods

Make a nutrition plan to stay fit and energetic. Include all the nutritious food which helps to lose weight and stay fit.

stay in shape

Make an enjoyable way of exercise to stay in shape:

There is nothing like going to gym is mandatory to stay in shape. If you can manage time to go, that is a plus. If you hate going to gym, you can create a way of exercise that you enjoy. There are lots of enjoyable ways you can try.

  • Dancing works well to stay in shape: You can play your favorite song and dance as you like. If you cannot dance well, shut the door.
  • Go cycling to stay in shape: If you like to go cycling, that is a good exercise. You can finish your small tasks as well such as going to market, visiting relatives, meeting friends and posting letters etc.
  • Swimming to stay in shape: You can go swimming with your friends. This is enjoyable and also a good exercise.

Stay in Shape


Have sound sleep to stay in shape:

Staying fit is not only the matter of workouts, one of the most important things you need to do is to sleep peacefully. Sleep makes you productive to work on, control your metabolism, and boost the ability of performance and repair muscles. To be healthier and fitter you have to sleep 8 hours a day.

Drink more water to stay in shape:

Water does not lose weight directly, but your body needs water to keep functioning properly. If you drink more water; it will reduce your appetite. If you drink water half an hour before you eat foods, you will tend to eat less food than normal time. You can also eat fruits and vegetables as they contain lots of water. Water also helps you to reduce dehydration and fatigue, to regulate metabolism and to process calories.

You can carry a bottle of water when you go to school or office so that you can drink whenever you are thirsty.