Magical Essential Oils For Healing Skin



Our skin, as the outermost protective agent of our body system cannot really avoid it being exposed to damaging incidents. It varies from being cut by paper to burned by massive flame.

Hence, some people suggests applying essential oils to help our skin regain its beautiful shades and look. There are numerous essential oils for healing skin offered in the market, which you might find a bit confusing in regards to what for they are supposed to be applied. Yet, remember that these oils must be better mixed with some amount of carrier oils, such as grape seed, almond oil or vitamin E.

Essential Oils For Healing Skin From Abrasions

All of you must have ever bumped on an object as you are walking in hurry, making your skin experience friction. This friction removes the outermost layer of our skin which may not bleed but often inflamed. And even if it is bad enough, it may leave marks on your skin once the tissues being fixed.

For this skin problem, you can opt for applying a mixture of tea tree and red thyme oils. Tea tree oils are known as effective healing substance for wounds as it can decrease the wounds’ severity and breakouts.

Essential Oils For Healing Skin

Essential Oils For Healing Skin From Lacerations

A paper cut may not leave a noticeable mark on your skin once it gets better, but a knife may make a deep cut and quite remarkable scratch on your lovely skin. It is a bad idea, even for women who wants to have a perfectly smooth and flawless skin all on their body. So, whoever of you stuck in this skin problem, try to apply a mixture of lavender, tea tree and cypress oils on the wounded area.

Lavender oil is one magical substance that can solve almost every skin problem, especially sun spots and scarring. Even you can fade your scratch marks with this type of essential oil. Its nice smell adds up to your feeling calm and relaxed while using it.

Some other essential oils for healing skin such as myrrh and geranium are also gorgeous. Myrrh is reportedly capable of improving skin tone, skin elasticity and firmness. In addition, it is one among anti-inflammatory agents that may help you reduce sun damage, and rashes. Similarly, geranium can even tighten your skin and reduce wrinkles on aged people.