Mission Heirloom Restaurant Review

Visiting to Mission Heirloom Restaurant has been on my to-do list for some time and after finally making the strenuous journey from South to North Berkeley I can say that I’ve become a very big fan! Firstly, the atmosphere is super chill and hip. Their outdoor seating (protected from the rain) is beautiful and its a great place to hang-out, relax or study.

Food-wise, Mission Heirloom Restaurant provides 100% organic, non-gmo, clean sourced ingredients that are meant to boost your energy and health. Also, its delicious! They have a great variety of menu options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch. I have tried the Moroccan beef empanadas with a shot of pesto, the avocado toast atop their famous Yukan crunch cracker and the market salad with a side of egg. All were good, fresh and presented beautifully! Yes, the prices are a bit steep, but this is expected because of the quality of their ingredients.

Thirdly, they have a large variety of interesting drinks too try. I love their turmeric latte (great, natural anti-inflammatory) and their bulletproof drinks. Really, you can tell that the staff shares and is passionate about the mission and concept because they are always attentive, helpful and friendly. Oh and they also have a shop where you can buy unique products. I’ve spent a good amount of time just checking out all of the items!

Mission Heirloom Restaurant is a great place to go hang out, have some healthy food and drinks and leave feeling great about yourself!

Mission Heirloom Restaurant Service

Mission Heirloom Restaurant is a super cute cafe with a very inviting patio. The cafe is special in being paleo, gluten-free, organic, and being farm to table. I didn’t really come necessarily for those reasons, but rather for just their yummy food.

I got Belgian Waffle which was a thick & crispy cassava waffle, drizzled with blueberry reduction, coconut syrup, and maguey sap, w/ a scoop of house cinnamon-cocoa-olive oil butter ($12.50). Taste-wise, if I read the ingredients I wouldn’t have really noticed that it was anything different from a regular waffle–it was just as tasty! The waffle was nice and crisp and I loved the blueberry reduction that went with it. The cinnamon-olive oil butter was also delicious and wasn’t too rich at all. The presentation of the dish was also absolutely stunning. It was so pretty you could tell so much artistic care was put into the dish.

I also got the Eggs & Scone ($6.50) which were 2 organic creamy eggs sous vide for 1 hour with savory almond scone, topped with dandelion true pesto, crispy kale chips, & sea salt. I’ve never tried anything sous vide and boy, these eggs were delicious. They looked like poached eggs, however it was more even cooked all around and particularly creamy. I also really liked the scone & also never really tried a savory scone. It was bit crumbly, but the saltiness paired well with the eggs. The dish was served in a clear, fish bowl shaped glass, and was a very unique presentation.

The dishes are definitely a bit expensive than the usual cafe fare. However, the beautiful presentation and quality ingredients definitely reflect the care the chef/owners have about the food they serve. There are also grab-n-go items, bone broth, and other items you can buy. Whether you’re a health/environmentally conscious diner, or someone who wants to try something different I’d recommend checking out Mission Heirloom! The ambiance and environment are definitely worth it.