Paleo Chicken Salad Recipes – Tasty Dishes to Feed Large Groups

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Paleo Chicken Salad Recipes basically helps people lose weight naturally by choosing the right foods, having limited choices and eating foods that are preservatives and additives free. One of the major problems that people having this diet has is the lack of flavors. As a solution to this concern, several Paleo Chicken Salad Recipes have been created and shared across the globe.

More and more people are adopting the simple and healthy Paleo Lifestyle every day and getting amazed that how some of the simplest things in life can also be the most enjoyable. Paleo Chicken Salad Recipes and Paleo Vegetable soup recipes are also simple as well as delicious but most people don’t know much about them.

Some recipes are just too good to be kept to one self. That is why I have decided to share some of my favorite Paleo soup recipes and Paleo Chicken Salad Recipes with you guys today. These recipes are going to wrap you in a delicious and everlasting taste that you can never forget.Here are some of the recipes:

A look at the best Paleo Chicken Salad Recipes

  • Avocado Paleo Chicken Salad Recipes

Avocadoes are indeed good for you. It provides great nourishment in the body. There’s no need to use complex ingredients since this recipe only uses basic ingredients.

  • Mango Curry Chicken Salad

Mango and curry is a great match. Grass-fed yogurt that comes from grass fed cows gives off a little bit of dairy but since it comes from grass-fed cows, this recipe becomes acceptable for most paleo followers.


  • Paleo Chicken Ranch Taco Salad

Combining Paleo, chicken, and ranch sounds all good and is definitely good. The ranch dressing that is dairy-free has been totally approved by Paleo.


  • Grilled Chicken and Baby Bok Choy Salad

As its name states, this recipe is made up of Bok Choy. Bok Choy is perfect for the Paleo diet for it has vitamins and minerals that you will need in your daily activities. It is also low in calories and carbs.


  • Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Paleo’s theme is to always bring food back to their original source without chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and additives used. Mediterranean diet takes out all the right ingredients and combines them all in one recipe. They suggested that it is also best to use organic ingredients.

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  • Mayo Free Chicken Salad

Chicken salad usually has mayo as one of its ingredients but none in this one. They remove the mayo and still made it ok for Paleo diet. Olive oil and eggs were used as an alternative for the consistency of that of a mayo.


  • Paleo Basil Avocado Chicken Salad

Avocado and basil is a perfect combination. Basil provides antioxidants while avocado provides you healthy fats and potassium that you can use all throughout the day.

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  • Chinese Chicken Salad

Leftover rotisserie was used in this recipe. Leftover meats and vegetables can be made into another yummy and delicious recipe. Just add some spices and herbs and there you have it.


  • Chicken Avocado with Cilantro and Lime

This recipe has 2 ways of serving it. You can be fancy in serving your guests to the point where they won’t even notice that the one you’re serving them is Paleo.


  • Mexican Paleo Chicken Salad Recipes

Mexican food plus chicken is equal to a whole new chicken recipe level. The lime juice gives off a citrus flavour. Variety of flavors can be tasted in this Paleo dish. Preparing this dish will be much easier if leftover chicken will be used.


  • Strawberry and Macademia Nut Chicken Salad

Chicken salad will become even more appealing to the eyes. Thanks to the pinkish color coming from the strawberries. Although strawberries were included in this recipe, the chicken meat should still be the primary source. It is recommended to make your own mayo recipe as most mayo available at stores is not Paleo friendly.


  • Chicken Larb Salad with Red Cabbages.

This is another larb recipe. This time, it is combined with red  cabbages. You get to enjoy the health benefits both from the chicken and the red cabbages at the same time.


  • Single Serve Paleo Chicken Salad Recipes

The recipe is very simple and this one can also be served wrapped in lettuce. As its ingredients are approved Paleo foods, there’s no need to feel guilty over enjoying this food.


  • Chicken and Brussels Sprouts Salad

Brussels sprouts contain a lot of fiber that helps in our digestion. You can get a unique combination of flavors from the fruit, chicken and Brussels sprout.


  • Chicken Larb

It’s not a very difficult recipe to follow as you just need to mix the entire ingredient together aside from the preparation of work. Serving them together with a piece of lettuce adds flavour to the dish. In this recipe, lemongrass and chicken were used to give off a Thai feel from it.


  • Paleo-Approved Classic Chicken Salad

Paleo-friendly mayonnaise was used. It may add time to the preparation time but it is better to use fatter and unhealthy ingredients.


People might want to try these recipes for several reasons. Chicken recipes can also be healthy. You just need to find the right recipes that will work best for you.
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