Paleo Diet for Vegetarians – Guidelines for Vegetarians on Adapting Paleo Diet


Is Paleo diet for vegetarians possible? Can the vegetarians adapt paleo diet? Well, cavemen back at the time were not familiar with the term ‘vegetarian’ and they used to eat whatever they could get their hands on. This mostly consisted of hunted animals and gathered plants, vegetables and fruits. Typically paleo diet consists of meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Although, meat is a major part of paleo diet but it is possible to have a paleo diet without it.

Paleo Diet For Vegetarians Have Two Options

The vegetarians can go for two different options with paleo diet. Either they can adapt a paleo-ish diet that is strictly vegetarian. Or they can adapt a strictlypaleo diet that is mostly vegetarian.

  • Strictly Vegetarian Paleo-ish diet:

This is for those people who want to eat a strictly vegetarian diet remaining within or hovering around the boundaries of paleo diet. A strictly vegetarian Paleo-ish diet is quite possible but it would require a lot of commitment on your end in order to keep up with the protein requirements of your body.

Mostly vegetarian strictly paleo diet:

As alternative to eating paleo-ish diet which is strictly vegetarian, you can go for a mostly vegetarian but strictly paleo diet. It might be a better option. Many vegetarians are comfortable eating shellfish, fish or even chicken. In such a scenario, it becomes much easier to provide the necessary protein and nutrients to your body.


What foods should include in their paleo diet for vegetarians?

The hardest part in being a vegetarian and adapting paleo diet is to get all the necessary protein required by your body. In order to achieve that without meat, following are the food items you can rely on:

  • Avocado
  • Almonds,
  • Walnuts
  • Spirulina
  • Spinach
  • Eggs
  • Pistachios
  • Potatoes
  • Hemp Seed

As we have mentioned before, if you are comfortable with eating fish, shellfish, or chicken, then you can include these items in your paleo diet meal plan for vegetarians.

Things you should understand about Paleo diet:

The thing with paleo diet for vegetarians is that it is based on the diet of humans who lived thousands of years before us. Back then there were no crops and no poultry. The humans spent most of their time hunting animals and gathering food from plants. They did a lot of physical work on these tasks and burnt a lot of calories. There were no processed foods back then.

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Today most of us don’t do much physical work, and we can hardly spare anytime for exercise. In such a scenario we do not require as much calories as our ancestors required and also the need for meat is reduced. However, we do require sufficient amount of protein in order to maintain our body. And for that to happen, paleo diet for vegetarians must contain some sources of protein. If you are comfortable with eating fish or chicken then that takes care of the problem, but in case you want to have a strictly vegetarian paleo diet, then incorporate the other sources of protein in your diet. These include spinach, broccoli, and almonds.

Put These Vegetables and Meat into Your Paleo Diet Grocery List

Being healthy is not easy and there have been many people who want to stay healthy by having a lot of kinds of diet. There is no perfect diet, based on a website I stumbled upon when writing this article, and it seems that what it says about the fact that there is no perfect diet that can cover all of your need is totally true. One diet is only for one specific purpose only. However, it seems that these days people are interested in one particular diet called as Paleo Diet, which is develop by Loren Cordain. Many people, and Cordain, believe that this kind of diet is what kind of diet that we, human, are supposed to do. Are you interested in having this diet? Let us take a look at the Paleo diet grocery list before you do this diet.

Let us see what kind of vegetables that you need to eat for Paleo diet grocery list   

The vegetables in the Paleo diet grocery list is what makes most of the grocery list of this diet. This is due to the fact that some research states that we are actually an herbivore, not carnivore. You may argue about our “destiny” of being herbivore or carnivore later, and let us go back to what kind of vegetables that you need to chew if you want to be successful in this kind of diet.

Now, as Paelo Diet mimics what people ate thousands of years ago, in this kind of diet, you will only eat produces or vegetables that are in the season. Therefore, you should not eat some fruits or vegetables that are not produced in the season. In addition to that, if you have quite much money, you need to go organic because at that time, there was nothing such as pesticide.  Depending on where you live or when you live, a great amount of spinach, broccoli, zucchini, asparagus, and even cauliflower will be a good part of your vegetables for this kind of diet. As for your fruits, you can go with some berries or watermelon.

Now, let us become a carnivore for your Paleo Diet Grocery List

For sure, this kind of diet may put you in a bit trouble in the meat department because it asks you to feed on animals that is grass-fed. In a big city, this might be a problem, but if you live in a country side, you can eat some wild caught fish, and some fresh poultry products.

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