Paleo Diet – Paleo Meal Plan to Lose Weight

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 Paleo meal plan to lose weight can be a good choice for you as you love to eat and also to lose weight. I want to tell you about the thing you are mostly worried about. Nowadays people are too worried about extra weight. So, I suggest you following a 7-day plan.

Paleo meal plan to lose weight-Day 1:

In your breakfast, I suggest you to take a paleo omelet. This will help you to stay healthy and energetic all the day.In your launch, you can make a salad with your favorite foods which have protein such as chicken or prawns.In your dinner you can take vegetable curries or foods which are free from calories.

Paleo Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Paleo meal plan to lose weight – Day 2:

In your breakfast, you can take paleo banana bread and some fruity recipe or some foods which provide you protein.

In your launch, keep sautéed veggies in your food recipe.

Make your dinner healthy with tuna fish recipe.

Paleo meal plan to lose weight – Day 3:

Banana is healthy to eat in your breakfast. In your 3rd day of plan, you can make banana pancakes for breakfast.

Make a reheated delicious soup in your launch.

Roasted carrots and mushrooms can be made for two days as you can eat in your dinner. Keep the rest for next day.

Paleo meal plan to lose weight – Day 4:

Muffins can be easy and tasty to eat in your breakfast. You can bring a change in this way.

In your launch you can take the roasted carrots and mushrooms which you kept from your dinner.

When you take dinner you can cook a healthy food making with green beans as beans are very good for health.

Paleo meal plan to lose weight – Day 5:

Doctors suggest us taking eggs in our breakfast. When you are conscious about weight loss, you can take the white of an egg. You can include almonds too.

Beef cubes and mushrooms can be a delicious recipe for you launch. Avoid this type of calorie foods in your dinner.

You can keep vegetable items and salad for dinner. Losing weight mostly depends on your dinner. As you sleep after your dinner. So, be aware when you choose recipe for dinner.


Paleo meal plan to lose weight – Day 6:

Keep a different recipe in this breakfast. You can make a recipe of oat meal with apple. You can see different recipe on internet.

Roasted cod and green beans can be a nice food item for launch. Launch is important as you get tired after working continuously from morning. Keep energetic foods in your launch.

Make a cauliflower soup with different vegetables. You can serve this item with green beans. You can make two days meal.

Paleo meal plan to lose weight – Day 7:

A nice day start depends on your breakfast. If you eat a spicy, energetic and tasty breakfast, it will have the effects all the day. You can eat two whites of egg in your 7th breakfast.

You should take the left foods of your yesterday dinner. This will help you consuming time.

Make some meat and vegetable fry

If you plan and proceed, you can control your weight and also your life. So, this 7-day paleo meal plan to lose weight can be a nice start off your healthy diet.