The Secret of Living Longer – Ways To Boost Your Longevity




Everyone wants to know the secret of living longer. This is just to make a few changes in your lifestyle.To live a better and longer life, the first condition is to be accustomed to a healthy eating habit. You should eat less but frequently. Especially you should maintain the fact that you can eat more in the day but less in the night. Try to be accustomed to a large energetic breakfast and a modest amount launch and a small sized supper.

Your Healthy Diet- The Secret of Living Longer Should Include

  • The white of an egg, beans, oat meal, bananas, carrots and other ripe fruits for breakfast.
  • A small amount of meat and salad in launch
  • Different green leafy vegetables and soup in dinner

Your Healthy Diet- The Secret of Living Longer Should Avoid:

  • All categories of fast food and soft drinks.
  • Foods those are abundant with sugar.
  • Foods that contain excess calorie

Become lively – Experience the secret of living longer

Become active is as necessary as healthy diet. You have not to get admitted in a gym center. You can do a workout in your home. Find a way of exercise you like.

  • You can play music and can dance for 10 minutes in your room. You can do it every day for a good exercise.
  • Can go cycling for half an hour.
  • Can go swimming.
  • Can use a standing desk in your office; it will help you live a happy, healthy and longer life.

Do not be lazy. Lazy people cannot live longer.

The Secret of Living Longer

Reduce stress and anxiety- unfold the secret of living longer

Stress and anxiety are bad for longer life. You cannot tolerate a stressful long life, can be frustrated. The question is- how to reduce stress. Here it is:

  • You can practice yoga or meditation. This works great.
  • Drink sufficient amount of clean and pure water.
  • Can use deep breathing process.
  • Laugh more.
  • Try to have a sound sleep
  • Spend some time with you family and friends.
  • Read books if you have passion of book reading.
  • Paint a picture, if you love to.
  • Sing a song, if you intend to.


Be social- proceed to the secret of living longer

Having a strong bonding with social activities will help you to reduce depression and mental illness. Love is the most needed element for longer life.

  • You can have some time to improve connections with parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors, friends and colleagues.
  • You can donate for social development, if you have enough money.
  • You can pass some time with unprivileged people of the society. Their smile may give you a new inspiration.

Believe in yourself- the secret of living longer

A long life requires confidence. If you lack faith in yourself, you cannot live a happy life. When you do not live a happy life, longer life does not make any sense. So, I suggest you accepting what comes in life and take life as easy. No people can pass life without going through the difficulties.
Quit smoking-not the secret of living longer, it is a must

If you are a smoker, you do not have the right to live longer. So, try to find a way to quit smoking for a longer life.

You determine how your life will pass and how long. Eat healthy foods, have some exercise, stay stress-free and have faith in yourself and unfold the secret of living longer.