What Is The Paleo Diet Foods and Why Has It Become So Popular?


Paleo Diet Foods and their Advantage

The importance of Paleo Diet Foods has been realized by a lot of people. Today there are a variety of diet plans available in the market. Paleo diet is one of very popular diets. Paleo diet is the short for Paleolithic diet. The paleo diet is based on theory that humans have been undergoing the process of evolution since thousands of years and it has been only a few centuries since modern diet came in to existence. The science has proven that human genome is same today as it was during early days of modern diet. The basis of a paleo diet is the consumption of those foods which are natural and not altered in any way.
It is also referred to as primal, caveman or Stone Age diet. The diet today includes the processed foods, sugars, vegetable oils and grains. These foods make up for the entire diet in a number of places. Such an unhealthy lifestyle causes various ailments like heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and obesity. The aim of Paleo diet is to reduce occurrence of these diseases by consuming foods which are similar to the ones which our ancestors used to eat. Some remote populations still exists which have not adopted this modern diet. Due to consuming the raw food these populations are not affected by the modern day illnesses and diseases. This is the reason why many people have started eating Paleo diet foods regularly.

What You Can Eat on the Paleo Diet Foods?

Common Paleo diet foods include nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and eggs. Different junk foods like candies, cakes, pastries and sugars are not a part of this diet because they can cause the metabolic syndrome. Dairy products, processed foods, vegetable oils and grains are also kept out of this diet. Meat is a main part of Paleo diet, but foods like pepperoni, bacon, chicken wings, pork sausages and the deli products are avoided in paleo diet because of their high fat contents. Grains and the wheat products like barley, rice and oats are also avoided completely. Vegetables and fruits are important part of paleo diet and they are great snacks for eating between meals. In order to have the same diet as earl the cavemen, all the agricultural products including those which are gluten free, are excluded from this diet.
A major advantage of the paleo diet is that it stabilizes the digestion process eventually. It results in an increase of metabolism which leads to weight loss. Paleo diet is followed by a huge number of athelets because of the high protein content of this diet. Basic foods like chicken, fish, lean meat and nuts give energy and fiber to athletes resulting in development of muscles and reduction in weight. Gluten and casein are biggest causes of different allergies and these are present in many of the processed foods.

Paleo Diet Foods Teaches You How To Enjoy The Foods You Love

However, Paleo diet foods do not contain these items and hence the diet can be followed by anyone without worrying about sufferings from the allergic reactions. Paleo diet contains low carbohydrate and high fiber content, as a result the risk of different weight related diseases like heart diseases and diabetes is reduced considerably. Many people have benefited a great deal from this wonderful diet plan.

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